Double Down Red Blend

Bold & LuxuriousDark Fruit Hints of Caramel

Dare to Double Down on this dark, bold blend

Is it possible to make a bigger, bolder blend? You bet. Our expert winemaker, Beth Liston, sourced the best grapes in California and used innovative winemaking techniques to craft this dark red. This blend won’t shy away from showing off with smooth, luxurious flavor. And when you’ve got a winning hand like that, it’s time to Double Down.

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Beth's Method

Harvest grapes at optimum ripeness

Ferment at higher-than-normal temperatures

Blended to perfection

What You'll Taste

Luxurious tannins with rich color

Strong notes of dark fruit

Complex, dark structure and body

Treat your senses with our Double Down Red Blend. The beauty of this blend is that it holds its own with your boldest dishes, so try this dark red with a dish equally as daring – like a juicy steak. You won’t be sorry.

Petite Sirah

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