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Wild Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach
Our Dark Horse 2020 Rosé is a dry-style wine bursting with notes of bright fruit from sun-drenched vineyards of California. Wild strawberry and watermelon aromas greet the nose, then carry through to the palate. Buoyant and light bodied, our Rosé carries crisp, clean notes of berries with hints of juicy peach straight through for a refreshing finish.

Black Cherry, Strawberry, Molasses
Our 2020 Dark Horse Pinot Noir delivers decadent red fruit notes in a velvety smooth, medium-bodied red wine from California. Aromas of dried lavender rise from the glass, revealing layers of black cherry and strawberry underscored by hints of rich molasses.

Crisp, Citrus, Red Berry
Dark Horse Sparkling Brut Rosé displays lively bubbles and an inviting pink hue with refreshing notes of citrus and red berries. This light-bodied bubbly offers undertones of stone fruit with a cleansing acidity and crisp finish.

Lively, Dry, Crisp
Break out the bubbly wine in a can because the celebration is wherever you are. The champion of class and comfort food, Dark Horse Brut Bubbles’ notes of apples, pears and toasted oak complement anything from fried chicken to fried calamari.

Pineapple, Stone Fruit, Tropical Fruit
Invite affordable luxury to your dinner table with this crisp classic. With welcoming pineapple aromas, this winning Chardonnay wine has an even more exceptional pairing list. Enhance Dark Horse Chardonnay’s stone and tropical fruit notes with peach chicken salad or complement the hints of toasted oak with roasted fish or grilled vegetables.
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