Sauvignon Blanc


California grapes with a New Zealand attitude.

New Zealand-style Sauvignon Blancs have become wildly popular for their bright flavors and ability to play well with cuisines from around the world. Winemaker, Beth Liston knew that with a little planning and a lot of know-how, she could achieve that same unmistakable vibrancy with locally-sourced California grapes.

Where to buy

Beth's Method

The early harvest

Back blending

(or blending in unique varietals before finalizing the wine)

with Semillion and Albariño

Aging in stainless steel

What You'll Taste

Bright grapefruit acidity and fresh green notes

Crisp citrus fruit flavor with a refreshing, clean finish

The delicate balance of fruit and acidity that might otherwise be lost during the aging process

Meet Beth

Our Sauvignon Blanc loves bringing the chill to warm-weather meals like grilled fish and fresh, summer salads. But it’ll also make you think twice about what kind of wine can stand up to a powerful pesto or anything with a spicy kick.

Sauvignon Blanc

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