Pinot Grigio


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One of the most popular wines in America finally gets the Dark Horse treatment. Winemaker, Beth Liston, has selected her favorite California grapes, and artfully blended them to create a refreshingly light quencher that everybody wants to chill with. This easy-to-sip wine is famous for its endless pair-ability, making it the universal contribution to dinner parties, celebrations, and any occasion that needs a splash of character.

Where to buy

Beth's Method

Early Harvest

Gently pressed grapes

No oak contact

Blended with unoaked chardonnay

What You'll Taste

Bright, crisp notes

A more delicate flavor

Fruit-forward flavor

Subtle creamy notes

Meet Beth

While the crisp, citrus flavors of Beth’s Pinot Grigio might feel totally at home with the fresh fish and decadent cheeses of the Italian coast, it’s also the kind of backyard hero that can elevate a hot dog to gourmet status. This pour is also the perfect partner for an herb-a-licious main course, and a welcome relief to your hot & spicy favorites.

Pinot Grigio

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