Reviving Merlot’s reputation one bottle at a time

What was once the most popular red on the shelf has taken a major PR hit in recent years. When the wine world turned its back on Merlot, winemaker Beth Liston was inspired to prove just what this flavor-packed Dark Horse is capable of. The biggest, boldest red in our collection is the result of her timing, instinct, and penchant for rule-breaking.

Where to buy

Beth's Method

Timing the harvest before the cabernet grapes, a very unconventional move

Back blending

(or blending in unique varietals before finalizing the wine)

with petit verdot

Precision french oak aging

What you'll taste

Sophisticated flavor notes you wouldn't find in a traditional Merlot

Full-bodied, jammy fruit flavors

Toasted oak and warm spice

Meet Beth

The only thing better than the perfect richness of braised short rib is the heavenly rush that comes when you follow it with a sip of Dark Horse Merlot. With big fruit and a long, plush finish, our Merlot unlocks new flavor levels in everything from red meats to stuffed mushrooms. It's a reminder of why the world first fell in love with Merlot way back when.

Petite Sirah
Petit Verdot

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