Oh hey Rosé

Say hello to our latest crush, a dry charmer just visiting for the summer.

With wine buffs everywhere reaching for Rosé, Dark Horse just couldn't resist exploring the untapped potential of summer's favorite cool-down. Don't let the pale color fool you, this wine's only blushing because of all the attention.

Most bottles of Rosé are imported from France or created as small batch offerings from U.S. producers. Both come with a premium price tag. With that in mind, Dark Horse winemaker, Beth Liston, decided to take summer by the grapes and create a crisp, dry Rosé that pairs perfectly with sunshine and backyard budgets.

Rosé 101

Beth answers the 3 biggest misconceptions about Rosé:

1. Rosé is just too sweet

Beth: That may be true for some, but definitely not for all. Provence-style Rosés have become a summer staple thanks to a perfectly dry finish that rounds out the fruit. It's that super satisfying balance that inspired me to create my dry Dark Horse Rosé.

2. Pink wine can't hang at a backyard BBQ

Beth: Oh yes it can. Dark Horse Rosé sips amazingly well with chips and dips, and will bring your smoky burger to a new level of 'nom'.

3. I'll just make my own Rosé by mixing red and a white

Beth: Well, it may be pink, but it won't be Rosé. Rosés are actually made with red grapes that are lightly crushed and left to steep with their red skins. The longer that the wine stays with the skin, the deeper the color.

Every day goes with Rosé, that's why this limited edition first-run is expected to sell out before summer's end. Click here to locate a retailer near you.

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